Booza is a delicacy of the Levantine Region. Booza has been a feature of the Levant since the 1800s. At the Levantine souk (markets) this unique ice cream is pounded to the right consistency with large wooden sticks and served with lashings of pistachios. Produced fresh in Sydney, our Booza is handmade using a combination of authentic ingredients – Sahlab or Salep*, the ground roots of the orchid, Orchus macula, and Mastica, the gum from the Mastic tree.

Booza takes the very best of the old Levantine world and combines it with the finest local produce to create an ice cream that is truly distinctive and of supreme quality. Due to the depletion of real Sahlab/Salep in Turkey, we use a Sahlab/Salep alternative that is all natural.

* All our products are gluten, preservative and egg free.

Our flavours will take you on a journey to the exotic Middle East

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